Whatever Happened To… Lindsay Wagner?

Lindsay Wagner is an American movie and TV actress. She signed a contract with Universal Studios in 1971, and in 1975, appeared in The Six Million Dollar Man, in which she played the love interest of Steve Austin (Lee Majors). In one episode, she was injured while skydiving and died when her body rejected the bionic implants given to her in emergency surgery. Lindsay’s character (Jaime Sommers) was very popular with the public and producers had to do an about face, resulting in a Dallas type plot recovery. i.e Bobby Ewing shower scene. Well, not quite but they brought her back to life. Perhaps it had all been a dream.

The Bionic Woman first aired in 1976, and Lindsay was to receive an Emmy Award for her performance in the series. When it was cancelled in 1978, Lindsay starred in the miniseries ‘Scruples’ and three Bionic reunion movie with Lee Majors between 1987 and 1994. She also appeared in an episode of The Fall Guy. She had a role as Dr. Vanessa Calder in SyFy Hit drama ‘Warehouse 13’ and has also starred in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Several years ago, she began teaching, acting and directing at San Bernandino Valley College as an adjunct professor.

She has written a vegetarian cookbook called ‘High Road To Health’ and runs self help therapy workshops on spirituality and meditation called ‘Quiet The Mind’ and ‘Open The Heart.’

She has been married four times and has two sons.

Her latest appearances were in 2018, in Fullers House, as Millie, and in the biblical drama ‘Samson.’ She is appearing (voice) in a video game called Death Stranding, which is currently in Post Production.

In my childhood, I found Lindsay Wagner’s portrayal of the Bionic Woman to be very positive. She wasn’t bitchy, temperamental, jealous or malicious. She was strong and assertive but also kind and gentle. I looked up to her and thought that when I was grown up, Jaimie Sommers would make a good friend. I have no idea what Lindsay is like as a person, but the character she played was memorable and a source of hope and comfort to me when I was young.

She has written a number of books on acupuncture and has found the practice a successful alternative to a face lift. The proof is in the pudding I think, or it could be in her genes. Either way, she’s looking pretty good. A few days ago, she turned 70, so Happy Birthday Lindsay.

18 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To… Lindsay Wagner?”

  1. Being a child of the late 80’s I was not able to watch these TV shows when they first aired. But in New Zealand we had TV shows like The Bionic Woman and MacGyver running through on one of the ‘classic’ channels. Loved watching them for their focus on non violent solutions when possible, and thinking outside the box to solve problems.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

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    1. Thank you for your comment Hamish. Glad that you were able to see these shows eventually. Yes, the characters had a lot of potential to be violent, but they used their brains rather than their brawn sometimes, even though some of them had bionic parts! It was all about story, plot and character in those days. 🙂

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      1. Something in trying to remember in the book series in writing at the moment: Have characters that are well rounded. Some will use brawn first, others brains, other a combination. And sometimes what is needed will be forced upon them!

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  2. Always liked Lindsay Wagner in the movie Two Worlds of Jenny Logan as well as The Bionic Woman. I remember watching the show when I was a kid but always a Six Million Dollar Man fan then and even had the doll with the red running suit.

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