Karaoke Madness

I once had karaoke madness

That Japanese fad

I sung like a cat

I was really that bad

I thought I was Beyonce

Thought I was No.1

It was never going to happen

I was always going to bomb

All my friends were watching

And cringing quite a bit

And later on they told me

That I was really rather…

…not good at all

Karaoke madness

Made me want to run and hide

Made everyone go deaf

And really hurt my pride

Karaoke Madness

It got me in the end

Burned me more than once

Sent the crowd round the bend

From now on, I’ll value my fellow humans

And the ears in their head

I’ll stay away from karaoke

And sing in the bath instead.

5 thoughts on “Karaoke Madness”

  1. About a week ago I noticed the little girls a few doors down (they’re between 4 and 6 yo) have a kiddies karaoke machine. It’s got much more than just karaoke functions actually. I’d have killed for something like that when I was a kid.

    As I was passing I heard them singing along to a bubblegum version of Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’ (imagine it covered by Shonen Knife and you’ll be close). They’ve gotta change the lyrics, right? This is for kids. So I stopped to listen.

    Sure enough, along came “We’ll see the city’s ripped backside”, with their sweet little voices not missing a syllable. They knew it by heart.

    You feel very old when what was once dangerous and transgressive has become suitable for little girls.

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