He Chopped Off Her Head

(One of the writing prompts/exercises/homework for the poetry group I go to, was to write a ballad. So I wrote one).

Your eyes were like two pools of blue

Your hair as soft as silk

Your lips were like a red, red rose

Your skin as white as milk

I asked if you would walk with me

I asked you for your hand

You promised to love me true

I gave you a wedding band

And then we had some very good years

And I know that we did thrive

But one night you crept into my bed

And you were cold as ice

You had been out all night

And from your lips came lies

I found the man who stole your heart

The man who turned your head

I found the man who took my love

I found him in my bed

I loved you more than life itself

I loved you, oh so much

You have surely broken me

And now my mind is touched

I was enraged, I saw red

I just didn’t know what to do

I’m quite sure that I lost my head

Now you will lose yours too

I took an axe high in the air

In frenzy, I did swing

I chopped off your lovely head

And then took back my ring

And before he had a chance to run

I took him out as well

There was some blood, just a bit

Before his body fell

I burned the corpses that same night

And put your heads on stakes

And now you are together forever

And lots of love can make

And now I’ve found another love

Only now it’s me who’s blue

For I’m a rogue and a scroundrel you see

And I am never true

I wish and hope with all my heart

She’ll find me in our bed

With another, in adultery

And she’ll chop off my head

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