Toasted Crumpet

A griddle cake

By any other name

Would taste as sweet

I toast it

Both sides

Now, hot off the press

I spread the



ever so slightly flowing


And watch it seep


Not over the edge

And not out of the bottom

But into the pores

And into the heart of comfort

That is my crumpet


One thought on “Toasted Crumpet”

  1. I spent decades perfecting the honey crumpet that can hold the maximum amount of warm honey without dripping. A big part of the secret is precise cooking. Undercooked and the bottom sags too much and the honey collects in the dip and leaks through, but the slightest carbonisation and it pours out.

    Starting about 15 years ago Australian crumpet manufacturers began progressively changing their recipes. All now have thinner bottoms with bigger pores. They have only a fraction of their former honey holding capacity. A lifetime of diligence attaining perfection in one minor breakfast act wasted.

    So now my pathetic, underhoneyed morning crumpets do little but remind me of the futility of human existence.

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