He’s Coming Home

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I’d not forgotten his face

Or the sound of his voice

I’d not forgotten his smile

My heart gave me no choice

I would close my eyes

And count to ten

And have the crystal clear dream

I’d wake up from again

But I’m not asleep anymore

There’s warmth from the sun

And bad times are over

This war is now done

He’s coming home

After all this time

He’s coming home

At long last, he’s mine

It might take a while

To finally feel free

But he’s coming home soon

He’s coming home to me





3 thoughts on “He’s Coming Home”

    1. I agree completely. A few years back, I wrote a play that was all about the men who didn’t come home. Just lately, I was involved in a creative/ performance project where the emphasis was on the positive side. i.e the homecoming and all the men who made it back. It took a huge shift in my thinking to do this. It was very difficult to see the positive side but I’m glad I was challenged in that way. Thank you for your comment Carol, much appreciated.

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