Keep Away From Art

(I wrote this twenty five years ago. My then boyfriend, who is now my husband, was/is an artist. I was inspired at the time, by the pretentiousness of the art world)


Nathan is an artist

And he’s coming to tea.

He’s a bit up himself

So I said to my boyfriend

Who is also an artist

A conversation may start

So keep away from art.

Nathan likes to daub paint onto canvas

with his private parts

So I say to my  boyfriend

Talk freely about anything

But if a conversation starts

Keep away from art.

Nathan gets paid

Obscene amounts of money

to paint,

with his idea of a brush

My boyfriend is penniless

He doesn’t want to bend

Nathan’s ear.

He wants to bend

his paintings.

So I say, a conversation will probably start

so whatever you do,

keep away from art.

But what happened?

Nathan came to tea.

Did a conversation start?

Did they keep away from art?

Did they hell

Paint and body parts flew.


Po-et-tree & Vurz © Sue Young






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