Quote Of The Week

‘The burden of a thinking person is that they think too much. My mind scents the danger of desiring and expecting something fantastic, something that could not possibly happen actually, and of being badly disillusioned.’

Maggie Joy Blunt from ‘Our Hidden Lives. The Everyday Diaries Of A Forgotten Britain 1945-1948′ by Simon Garfield.

Quote Of The Week

‘We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams’.

We Are The Music Makers

Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy


Quote Of The Week

‘When you’re out of your depth, keep your gob shut and your ears open.’

-Lancashire Adage

Tom O’ConnerTake A Funny Turn

Quote Of The Week

‘At the end of 1968 there were a lot of great electric guitar players in the room- a lot of chances to get discouraged and put your guitar down. But that kind of reaction is the ego talking. Whether your reaction is to stick out your chest, or to run and hide-superiority or instant inferiority-either one is full of shit. You’re supposed to be you.’

Carlos Santana, from his autobiography, ‘The Universal Tone