6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week”

  1. Well, a friend of mine not only had his computer burn out, it also set fire to his house.

    And I dunno if mine wants to have sex with me but it sure seems to want to fuck me over some times. Could I be in an abusive relationship here?

    Gotta wonder about those sex-bots the media loves to get into a lather about too. Is it that they fear it’s a step towards social identity for machines or a possible source of insight into how our own social and sexual responses might be programmed. Either way I sure hope Microsoft doesn’t write their operating systems, or at the worst possible time they’ll probably turn blue and die.

    (BTW, a comment I made on your Johnny Cash post has gone AWOL. Spam folder or cyber-jealousy?)

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    1. Spamalot!
      Hey, Cabrogal. just had a little search for the missing comment and it was in my spam folder! Not sure why it was there, but another mystery solved and thanks for letting me know. I blame these roguish sex starved computers.
      It was interesting what you said about the sex-bots earlier, you got me thinking about whether some people might emotionally bond with them but also, on the plus side, those with poor attachment bonding issues, could love ’em and leave ’em without the guilt or messy break up. Well, there might be some mess…


      1. A good long spell in the slammer might be the solution.

        “I crashed an app in Reno, just to watch it die”.

        Well, there might be some mess…

        Yeah. I anticipate a whole new market in computer cleaning products.

        As far as bonding goes, I don’t think there’s anything new under the sun. Did you ever read Daphne du Maurier’s The Doll?

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      2. “I crashed an app in Reno, just to watch it die”.
        No, I haven’t read The Doll, sounds ominous. I’ll check it out, thanks.


  2. I’m sorry about your friends computer setting fire to his house. I don’t know, these arsonist computers…is there nothing they won’t do? Their morality chip has gone awry, a bit like your Johnny Cash comment. I think they stole it. A good long spell in the slammer might be the solution. But it would probably only take them a few minutes to break out. Unless it was my computer, then it would probably want to do several 24 hour auto cleans first.


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